Rhymin' Zine

An upcoming charity fan zine celebrating Ryan Akagi & Min-Gi Park from Infinity Train! All proceeds will be donated to the NQAPIA to aid and support the Asian-Pacific Islander LGBTQA+ community.

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Mod Team

Meet the Mods!


Co-Head Mod

Hi, I’m Chris (she/they)- an illustrator and story artist based in the US! I’m currently the Head Mod of Connect the Dots: A Buzzfeed Unsolved Artbook and was the former Social Media Mod for Chaos Theory: a Life is Strange zine. I’ve contributed art to several zines and indie comics anthologies, and this is the 4th project I’m modding. I really love Infinity Train and Min & Ryan’s story especially resonates with me. Stoked to work together for an important cause!


Co-Head Mod

Hey, I’m Dean (they/he) and based in the US! This is my second zine that I’ve been involved in. Currently, I am finishing up the Postcards From Carmen: A Carmen Sandiego (2019) zine as the Co-Head and Social Media Mod. I adore Infinity Train (and all the characters, although the S3/S4 protags hold a special place in my heart).
Let's rock n' roll!!


Finance Mod

Hey I’m Bunnbye (she/her)! An illustrator who specializes in merch/merch manufacturing. I’ve contributed to a few zines in the past, but presently modding is where my heart is at. Currently you can find me as the Finance Mod for the Connect the Dots (BFU Zine). Hazel 4 life 🐢


Layout Mod

Hey! I'm Erika (she/they). I'm an illustrator and painter based in NYC. I was the Layout Mod for Connect the Dots: A Buzzfeed Unsolved Zine, which makes this the second zine I'll be modding for! Aside from social media and art I like to visualize ponds full of ducks.


Shipping Mod

Hey I'm Frankie (she/her), an engineer in the cosmetics industry, based in the US! I was the Shipping Mod for Connect the Dots: A Buzzfeed Unsolved Zine. This will be the second zine I'm modding for. As I'm passionate about music and supporting the Asian community, I'm really excited to be a part of this super cool project!


Our Oeuvre

"Writing lyrics is super easy-you just gotta make it rhyme!"Rhymin’ is a charity fan zine celebrating the relationship between the protagonists of Infinity Train’s fourth and final season, Ryan Akagi and Min-Gi Park, through a collection of art and writing inspired by their lives in canon (pre-train, on train, and post-train!)All proceeds after production will be donated to the NQAPIA (The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance) which is an NYC-based non-profit that provides support for and fights for the rights of the LGBTQA+ Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora.Check here for our detailed Q&A!RETURN TO HOME